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Levine and Blit, PLLC is well-known for its representation of high profile cases that adorn the covers of the newspapers and headline evening news reports worldwide.

We are taking the legal profession by storm! Levine & Blit is a full service law firm providing legal counsel and litigation services to individuals and corporations nationwide. With clients that range from everyday people, workers, accident victims, small businesses and even celebrities, our attorneys are well equipped and committed to providing the highest quality representation.

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When you find yourself facing a difficult or even frightening legal situation, you need attorneys who have the knowledge, strength, and courage to get you the relief you deserve. L&B is a full service Syracuse law firm with over thirty years of solid experience in winning cases even when the odds seem against us. Our knowledge of the law and our proven record of success speak for itself. Whether your adversary is a fortune 500 company, an insurance company or an individual, L&B will zealously fight for your rights and get results!

Most importantly, at Levine & Blit you will be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. Unlike most lawyers that ignore their clients and don't return phone calls, all of the attorneys of L&B are in constant contact with their clients, providing updates and discussing strategy. It is our guarantee!

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