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New York Severance Lawyers


At least not until you have had a New York severance lawyer from Levine & Blit carefully and thoroughly review it, explain the hidden legal ramifications to you, and negotiate it for you. Employers pay their attorneys a significant amount of money to carefully draft these agreements which often trigger legal ramifications undetectable by the untrained legal eye.

The concept of severance pay is misunderstood by most workers in New York and even all across the country. Companies are not legally required to pay a departing employee severance, but do so anyway to smooth the transition. Employers are often willing to pay a departing employee severance pay to prevent lawsuits that can disrupt business. But there is no legal right to severance pay unless you have an employment contract that says you are entitled to it.

The biggest mistake employees make is to believe that the agreement that they are receiving is a "standard agreement," and sign it to receive the carrot being dangled in front of them. There is no such thing as a "standard agreement." The only standard thing about separation agreements is that they are one sided and not drafted to the benefit of the employee.

Today, every employer's separation agreement contains language which states that the employee was provided with adequate time to consult with a severance attorney and/or waives their right to a lawyer. That provision is placed in there to solidify the agreement for the employer in case they need to enforce it down the road. At Levine & Blit we understand that separating from an employer is often an emotional and stressful time, especially if the separation is the result of downsizing or termination. You need severance agreement attorneys with a proven track record of success to stand up for your rights and tilt the scale in your favor. We also understand that your employer placed you in a difficult financial situation and we will not do the same!

Important Things to Look for in Your Separation Agreement

  • Did your employer inform you that you have the right to seek severance agreement lawyer's advice?
  • Did your employer provide you with legally sufficient time to review the agreement?
  • Did your employer inform you that you can rescind the agreement even after signing it?
  • Did your employer bind you to a prior non-compete or prior confidentiality agreement?
  • Did your employer offer to pay your legal expenses for a severance review?
  • Did your employer put in a "non-disparagement clause"?

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