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STD Lawyer – Knowingly Infecting Someone with a Sexually Transmitted Disease in New York Is a Crime!

Coming down with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is one of the biggest blows a person can receive. While there are treatments to control the symptoms of many venereal diseases there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and genital herpes.

In the state of New York, an individual who has a sexually transmitted disease is obligated by law to disclose the fact to his or her partner prior to sexual contact.

With the help of an STD lawyer, an infected victim can sue for STD and get significant money damages.

The Difficulties of an STD Lawsuit

In one moment of carelessness, your life can come tumbling down if you catch an STD — while trying to collect compensation in order to rebuild your life may be a lifelong struggle.

The difficulty of trying an STD lawsuit lies in the burden of:

  • Proving who infected you. Although herpes has a short incubation period, other STDs take longer to manifest themselves, making it challenging to lay blame.
  • Proving the accused knew of his condition prior to sexual contact.
  • Exposing your delicate situation to the scrutiny of others. Compared to monetary compensation, peace of mind is harder to attain in cases such as these. The emotional and psychological hurt may remain even after damages are awarded.

Our STD Attorneys Can Help You Sue for an STD

Levine & Blit are experienced in STD law. We recognize that contracting a sexually transmitted disease is extremely personal and can be a potentially embarrassing. Our STD attorneys take special steps to ensure the privacy of our clients. We take steps to prevent the disclosure of our clients' identity, while exposing the predator that wrongfully and unlawfully inflicted them.

Although the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease changes your life forever, there is hope. Call (315) 366-8055 today for a free telephone evaluation of your case. There is no fee, unless we succeed!